Explore Florence, Oregon

Florence is a town along the Oregon Coast in Lane County, west of Eugene. It was voted as the #1 retirement community a few years ago.

Many of the ideas in Frank Herberts Dune series came to him during a trip to Florence to write a magazine article about a US Department of Agriculture project there. Between Florence and the ocean lie sand dunes that reach heights of 300 feet.

Enjoy the many parks nearby including Harbor Vista County Park, Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park, Heceta Head Lighthouse State Scenic Viewpoint.

A few attractions include Sandland Adventures with guided dune buggy tours, Sea Lion Caves with the world's largest sea cave and home of wild Steller sea lions, and Siuslaw Pioneer Museum with American Indian and early pioneer artifacts.

Florence is also known as the site of the exploding whale, an incident when the Oregon State Highway Division tried to remove a beached whale by dynamite - with unintended results.

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